Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sorting through the internet to get legal help

Several times in looking at the effectiveness of my own law firm's advertising (Grayson Law Firm), I have done sample searches on the Internet to see if my ads show up. I have spoken with several Internet marketing firms, and have become quite disillusioned with Internet advertising.

There are firms that pay thousands of dollars a month to try to capture your search on Google for 'Montana accident lawyer' or 'car wreck attorney' or some similar variation. It is big business, and I am not sure the injured victim always wins.

Do these firms really give people personal service, honest advice, and timely responses? I don't know, but I do think there are some important questions to ask about:

1. Will my case be handled by the named partner or a young associate? Many large firms farm out the work on their numerous cases to young lawyers fresh out of law school, who learn on the job. If I were hurt, I would want an experienced lawyer who has trial experience to handle my case.

2. How many cases does the lawyer have open right now? Many firms have too many open cases, and do not devote enough time to each case.

3. How much turn over in attorneys and support staff does that firm have? If people are quitting and new staff hired all the time, how can you develop a rapport with the lawyer or the firm?

4. Is the lawyer you speak with just telling you what you want to hear, or is he telling you the truth? Hard to know the answer to this one at first, but there is nothing better than finding a lawyer with personal integrity, and nothing worse than one without it.