Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Should I give an insurance adjuster a medical release?

I generally tell people not to give out a medical release to an insurance adjuster.

Have you ever read the release most companies use? It is a full, complete release, with no dates listed. That company can get every medical record you have ever had.

The adjuster can go on a fishing expedition for ways to deny or reduce the value of your claim. In one recent case, my client had signed an insurance release before I was retained. She suffered a concussion in the accident, and we finally found out the reason the company wouldn't pay fair value was that they found a four year old doctor record of a single fainting spell the client had previously. They tried to claim this incident showed she had a pre-existing head injury!

Our law firm does ask our clients to sign a release so that we can obtain records related to the injury suffered in the accident. We do not invade people's medical privacy any more than necessary to pursue the claim, or a lawsuit.

Everything an insurance adjuster does to 'investigate' a claim is designed solely to reduce their companies financial payout. Do you think they ask their insured driver to release all their records? Of course not, they are only looking for evidence that works against YOU.

Please be cautious in giving medical information to insurance companies. You have to remember that they are NOT your friends, even if they act in a friendly manner toward you.

Mike Grayson
The Grayson Law Firm


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